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The Now Revolution in news / by Alan Soon.

    A magazine for mobile readers and freelancers

    Nomad Editions is putting together a magazine that serves the growing audience on mobile platforms like the iPad. The company brings together former reporters and editors but taps a pool of freelance writers and journos with specific areas of focus. Each Friday, subscribers will get a mini-magazine tailored to their interest, in a mobile package.

    — 3 years ago
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    Second telco in Indonesia adds Twitter’s Text Messaging service

    Twitter fans in Indonesia have more to be excited about.

    3 Indonesia is the latest mobile operator to offer Twitter’s Text Messaging service (AXIS was the first). There are no additional fees for this.

    Users can also turn on text notifications for people they follow, as well as direct messages. There’s one added benefit: 3 is the first Indonesian carrier to support sending photos to Twitter via MMS through TwitPic.

    Subscribers to 3 Indonesia can send Tweets with the word “START” to 89887. Let me know what you think of the service.

    — 4 years ago
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