The Now Revolution in news / by Alan Soon.
  • Buzz Aldrin
  • "You promised me Mars colonies and all I got was Facebook."
  • C.J. Chivers
  • "Social media isn’t journalism. It’s information. Journalism is what you do with it."
  • Albert Einstein
  • "Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere."
  • New Journalist Tim Pool Has a Drone in His Backpack

    Gotta love the energy that he puts into explaining what he does. That’s what new journalism looks like.

    (Source: truthdig)

  • "Force-feeding startups does not produce foie gras."
  • It’s back to Wordpress for me.

    After a short fling with Tumblr, I’ve decided to return to Wordpress for a number of reasons.

    So come, rejoin the conversations at:

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  • jinn:

    Time Inc.’s iPad Problem Is Trouble for Every Magazine Publisher

    Time Inc. likes to show off its iPad apps as a symbol of the company’s future. But inside the publisher, the digital editions have become a source of hair-pulling frustration…

  • Media: News Corp. plans national newspaper for tablet computers and cellphones -

    While I think the idea overall is a good one, this quote sums up just how out of touch Murdoch et all are. A device such as the iPad allows for something much more than just a newspaper, but as long as Murdoch (or whoever is in charge) views it as just a new way to deliver the same product, the news industry as a whole will suffer.

    The question those at the top should be asking is, “What’s the best way to deliver top-quality journalism utilizing the available technology,” not, “How do we put our newspapers on these shiny new devices so the kids will think it’s hip?”

    So far, only Wired’s got it right.

    (via savingink)
  • "We’ll have young people reading newspapers,” the 79-year-old Murdoch said during the company’s Aug. 4 earnings call. “It’s a real game changer in the presentation of news."
  • Google’s acquisitions in social gains momentum

    Despite its problems getting traction with Buzz, Google isn’t done with social. In fact, it appears it’s just getting started.

    The company has just bought SocialDeck, a mobile game startup focused on delivering games across various platforms such as the iPhone and Blackberry.

    This is part of a series of acquisitions by Google in the social arena. It bought social search startup Angstro last week. And in the past month, it picked up app maker Slide and virtual currency firm Jambool.

    Don’t ignore what Google is doing here. They’re getting serious about social.

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